Creative Fashion Dresses – Social media Dresses

Who says fashion and technology can’t be mix? Neko-Vi a famous fashion designer at deviantART, proves that design and style are not limited to runways, but can also be found around the web. Color schemes, patterns, icons, typography, and logos are all forms of art. Neko-Vi wishes to one day convert these electronic paintings into actual content of outfits, though it’s unlikely the MegaUpload outfit will be value generating in the for much more time – I kid (but not really). Thse sequence is continuous, so look out for more Neko-Vi designs in the near future!

These  Dresses created for public networking seeing stars, like you. Do not ever let unaware people contact us “addicts” ladies. We are all “butterflies” and very wonderful at that. Anyway, these so-called Internet Fashion dresses.

Fashion lover would gonna like this Internet fashion collection, especially those who use to spend more time on such social media sites.  In this way here below I have a collection of such Social media dresses.

Tell us which Social Media Dress looking more Cool. or Share Your views on this collection. I would appreciate your comments


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